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Look no further for the most

Creative Gift Ideas!


Give them Warm-Ups!

This is a full vocal warm-up PDF and MP3 that will get and keep any voice pro in shape vocally as a supplement to voice lessons or when you aren't able to take lessons for whatever reason. 

They are... 

  • customizable

  • complete and go through full range

  • convenient

  • part specific

If you know a singer or voice pro who is serious and dedicated to their craft... ready to take their talent to the next level, this is for them.  A vocal exercise routine that will strengthen the voice, control, and confidence!

Works for ALL levels and styles!


Give them Voice Lessons!

I can't think of a better gift than the gift of betterment!
Give the gift of a voice lesson today!

If you know a singer or voice pro that is ready to take their skill and talent to the next level, help them get serious by giving them a thoughtful gift that can enhance their music & art and even change their life!

Lessons can be virtual from anywhere or in-person if in the Greenville SC area.  


Single lesson $82.00

Package of 4 $288.00

For more info on private lessons head to the 'book online' page

Sheet music_board_edited.jpg

Give them vocal
knowledge & power

If you want to give your favorite artist a gift that truly keeps giving, give them my digital course called "Master Your Natural Voice".

This is a thorough Digital Course to give vocalists the tools they need to build a unique vocal warm-up routine for themselves.  It will  help them to strengthen and free the voice they were born with... for many, many years to come!

This one is a game changer.

Help them become a more confident, in-demand, and in-control singer!  

Good for all levels who are ready to put in the work to see real results!

Lots more info on the digital course page. 

But please return to this page to buy the course specifically as a GIFT! 

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