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Membership Community Coming Soon!

I will soon be launching a membership community!  "What is that?", you may ask.  It's a subscription plan that will give you access to many tools that are only available to paid members. Tools to help you grow as an artist and vocalist.  Maybe you can't afford weekly private lessons right now or don't have the room in your schedule. This is your solution! Here is some of what you can expect...

Weekly Warm-ups

I will post or live stream a video every week with  daily warm ups, (either specific troubleshooting or general) that you can access as often as you need!

Monthly Masterclass

Once a month you can sign up for an online masterclass with me and your fellow members!  Its a chance for me to coach you one on one and it's also a chance for you to observe my working with others! Its a great opportunity to learn and encourage one another!

Extended SMYS Videos

I save some of the best material from my "Sing me your story" series on YouTube for subscribers!  It's juicy, practical tips and tricks from working professional!

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