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Focusing on the demands of the modern worship team and balancing performance with worship will be an encouragement as you share this time with your fellow worship leaders and singers.


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Focusing on the demands of the a live show (Musical Theater, Cover Band, Etc.) or the studio and sharing on-the-gig tips, tricks and stories is sure to motivate you for your next set or session!


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Focusing on the betterment of the student, we will delve deeper into the how's and whys of the exercises so you can enter your lessons with confidence and a stronger ability to analyze and help improve!



In a positive, interactive environment, learn how to become a better...stronger singer by learning more about your instrument, then participating in group critique.

Usually includes a short workshop on

Then up to 10 individuals will sing for the room, receiving input and redirection on how to improve or strengthen your voice.  EVERYone in the room will benefit whether you perform or not!

  • basic vocal anatomy

  • how to maintain a healthy voice

  • instructional warm-up session with practical tips & tricks

Thank you, Karen, for working with our soloists, ensembles and Worship Teams! There was not an attendee that didn't vocally progress in the time you spent with us. You have the rare combination of knowledge of how the voice works, how to maximize it for clear vocal production, how to utilize it in an ensemble setting, AND you have the experience and background to back it all up!             

~Ron Upton - Idelwild Church, Tampa FL

Rate for 2-4 hr masterclass is dependent. 
Please email to discuss or book.

Typical workshops run between $300 and 400

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