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with more POWER
and better CONTROL than ever thought possible
...all within a matter of weeks!

Before I tell you about this life-changing program, Let's talk about who this is really for...

Glasses and Music Sheet

You were born to sing.  You are a dreamer with no shortage of ambition who can taste and see the musical, money-making, and performance opportunities ahead. 

Whether you're...

  • A working singer who already relies on your natural ability but have never studied voice before....ready to feel in control of your voice! 


  • A super busy person who has studied voice before but you're pretty rusty and stuck in some bad habits....still you want to share your song without feeling fatigue or pain!

  • Working at an artistic job and find yourself teaching others how to sing but don't feel equipped even though you took voice in college but feel the need a refresher course you can teach your singers with integrity!

  • A budding pro headed to Broadway who needs to learn how to master your high notes and control your break so you can be ready for anything they throw at you in that audition!


You are in the right place and I'm going to tell you exactly how "Master your Natural Voice" will give you the tools, inspiration, and support on your journey to developing your voice so you can sing from a place of sheer confidence. 

By the end of this program

you will have...


Identified techniques or habits that cause vocal fatigue and other frustrations and learned several ways to correct and relieve them.

Mastered 30+ different exercises, warm-ups, and quick fixes, then why and when to use them!

An understanding about how to mix and match these exercises specifically to fit your unique vocal needs.

Created a routine that can help your voice get unstuck and get you moving forward in range, power, and confidence!

A toolbox full of tips on how to keep your voice healthy and ways to nurture your voice AS WELL AS tips to keep getting better and better!

Gained an understand of how your voice works. (Instead of blindly pushing your voice without knowing the mechanics and parameters and just hoping it gets better )

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 11.28.59

~ Gerald White, L.A. Session Singer, Voice Teacher, and    SAG Board Director

"It has been my pleasure working with Karen.  She is an absolute pro.  Her voice is so versatile with impeccable pitch and feeling.  I have found that she can adapt to any situation both musically and personally. A joy to be around, I not only recommend her but commend her excellence as a fellow singer, teacher, and consummate musician."

Enroll in Master Your Natural Voice Today!

3 monthly payments of

one-time payment of


Choose an option above to be taken directly to the secure course payment page.

~Lisa, Performing Art Studio     Owner

Karen Has been my voice coach for a couple years now. I had so many insecurities about a voice that was fabulous once and then suffered vocal damage. She freed me from not only my vocal damage but also my stubborn mindsets. I am so happy with my training and feel so confident and seriously cannot stop singing. I’m at a place now where I am comfortable Performing and have learned the proper technique to not repeat my past mistakes.


I am always grateful that Karen was recommended to me as a voice teacher who could help prepare me for classical and jaz auditions. Karen helped me build a foundation of excellent technique all while setting me at ease  in lessons with her kindness and humor!

~Julie, L.A. Singer/Songwriter

I have been singing for over 20 years so I am constantly surprised by how much I learn and grow in each lesson with Karen. She has a gift for isolating subtle and specific vocal issues and she has provided me with the toosl to tackle those issues all while strengthening my technique, range and confidence to new heights!

L.A. Singer/Actor,
Winner of CW's
Caroler CHallenge

Karen is not only an amazing singer who will sight read the most difficult pieces, but she's a phenomenal coach. I went to her before a really big audition where I had some difficult high notes. She gave me some exercises and vowel placement tips to get the sound I needed and the notes became effortless! I can't recommend her enough as the go-to person!

~ Cassie, Voice Over Artist

What will YOU have to say next?  I'd love to add you to my success board!

~ You, Successful Artist

I have studied voice since I was 12 years old.  I began singing in theater and then moved to classical in college.  When I was finished with college I had a degree in vocal performance but still felt stuck with my voice until I started studying with Karen! She helped me bridge the gap between classical, pop, Broadway, and gospel!  I am now a professional singer and teacher and I still am learning from Karen!  If you want to be a healthy singer who can sing all types of styles, you gotta get with Karen!

- Brittany, Worship Leader

What's inside

 Master Your Natural Voice

Module 1

Understanding the Mechanics

Here's why it pays to learn from someone who has been on the stage, in the studio, and on the streets performing.  I teach from the perspective of the performer and I bring all of my past and present experience to you.  I tend to use YOUR language ... a singer's vernacular, while also teaching you how to think like a vocal coach! 

In this first module I will make help sense of the incredibly complex voice system.  Explaining the physical make-up of your voice in a way that is simple giving you just enough information to start understanding your instrument but not overwhelm you.  You will know the parts of your voice in a way that a singer understands and not an ENT so that you can begin to analyze your voice in a more educated way. 


Learn the parts of your voice box and most importantly what are vocal registers (head, chest, and the dreaded mix voice) and how do they work!

How to gain strength and volume by understanding the balance of 'singing in your mask' while having enough space in the back to release tension!

How singing with your full body and from your lower abs can give you power!


Module 2

DON'T take a BIG breath! -

Breathing the right way may surprise you!

I will tell you that one of the first things I check when I start to feel any vocal issues or stress creep in during performance is my breath!  I was taught, like many of you, to use my diaphragm and take a BIG breath to sing well.  In my experience, that's not the best way to think about breathing.  In this module you will explore a new way to think about a singer's breath.


Analyze your own unique breath and figure out what you need for better breath control.

Learn quick on the gig tricks that will reinforce your newer, freer breath.

Learn 5 breathing exercises that will CHANGE your singing and become your new foundation!

Module 3

Closed Mouth (SOVT) exercises: How singing with your mouth closed can open you up!

Many of you may have seen videos of singers warming up through the straw.  There is a valid reason why this is helping singers all over the world.  We will perform straw exercises as well as many other similar 'closed-mouth' exercises, and after you've discovered their benefits, you'll want to use them all the time! 


You'll learn from several accredited sources why this exercise is on EVERY voice teacher's list and scientifically why it is magic!

You'll add 5 of these types of exercises to add to your bag of tools!

You'll hear from other performers how these closed exercises helped to save their performances!


Module 4

Mix and Match Exercises -

 Fill your vocal toolbox and Grow your voice

This is the module that teaches you the rest of the exercises that I have gathered, and used over my 20+ years of teaching. Building on the previous 2 modules, you'll fill up your vocal toolbox! Committing to learning and putting these warm-ups to work as well as discerning why they work will help you begin to understand your instrument and gain control over your voice!


You'll get 15+ exercises and even MORE ways to mix and match them.

We really dive into how you can grow by consistently using these exercises... advancing in range, agility, and control! This is where it starts to come together!

This module is where we break down Vocal Registers!!  I'll help you realize among other things... your chest voice, head voice and of course the MIX!

Module 5

Create your unique vocal routine to help you Master your Natural Voice

From ways to challenge yourself to quick on the gig tips this module really starts to help you feel like you can gain control over your voice!  You will be given ways to continue your growth This is the module that teaches you the rest of the exercises that I have gathered, and used over my 20+ years of teaching. Building on the previous 2 modules, you'll fill up your vocal toolbox! Committing to learning and using these warm-ups as well as discerning why they work will help you master your instrument, gain control over your voice, and free your 


You'll put together a vocal plan and an order of exercises that makes sense for you and for you to GROW!  You'll begin to understand how warm-ups are NOT just to warm-up your voice!

You'll no longer waste your time blindly doing vocal exercises! You'll finally learn how to build a warm-up routine that makes sense for you and your uniqueness (and maybe even for others!).

I'll encourage ways for you to change and challenge your routine for long term growth and for maintenance!   You'll want to even create new exercises​ based on all you've gained!


Module 6

Vocal TLC

Some of the biggest concerns my students have has to do with caring for their voice.  You will add a new section to your toolbox, finding out ways to maintain a healthy voice as well as nurture a tired, sick, or stressed one.  This is not from a medical standpoint (although I'll share with you my favorite blog from the best ENT in Los Angeles, imo!), but on the gig experience!


Warm-downs and why they are crucial for a continued free voice!

A list of my favorite products that can save your voice and how to find new ones!

I'll share with you a few ways you can check for vocal damage and when to go see the voice doctor!

I'll share an interview/success story with one of my favorite pro students who has restored her voice, going from a huge break to a smooth gorgeous tone from her lowest note to her highest!

When you enroll during this special limited time period, you'll get:

(A $400 value)

6 Implementation Modules, showing you everything you need to start mastering your  voice, getting it back to it's most natural and free place! These are many of the tools that I use in my own private studio and as a singer, myself!
A complete step-by-step plan, showing you each vocal exercise.  You'll know how and why each of these warm-ups is useful and be able to build your own individual vocal work-out routine that promises to grow your control, range and skills!
Tools to identify where your voice needs the most work.  We all have places where we feel stuck or we've developed bad habits.  You will be able to decipher where your vocal issues are and why you do them that you can begin to fix them!
Tips and Tricks to fix issues on the  spot, on the mic or in the middle of the stage.  I'll share tried and true tricks that I've used in my own performance as well as taught in my own vocal studio. You'll learn how to help get yourself out of a vocal 'jam' and sing that high note, for instance, with confidence when a measure before you weren't quite sure it would come out!
A plan of attack when you're voice is not at 100%. You'll gain the knowledge on how to care for and maintain  a sick, tired, or fatigued voice while you still need to put on a good show!  

You'll be given access to one module per week so that you have ample time to dive into the lessons and execute that portion of the program before moving on to the next.

I do this to protect your time, attention and focus while sparing you from possible overwhelm.  I also want to give you time to start building your routine at the foundational level, spending the time needed to create new muscle memory for a renewed voice!

bonus 1

 Live Q & A with Karen inside the exclusive FB Group for members only 

(a $priceless value)

What you'll get:

On-demand Q & A sessions with Karen in a private Facebook Group.  This will be your chance to get your burning questions answered and get clarifying answers and direction to keep you moving forward with confidence.

Support and encouragement from your newly expanded singer community to help you get unstuck.  Post your progress, your wins, even and ESPECIALLY your songs!  I will monitor the group and give direction and notes when needed.

As we grow and add launches you'll be invited to an Alumni Private Facebook Group so you can have that connection on an ongoing basis.  I will check in here from time to time to give you extra tips!

bonus 3

Cheat Sheet for Notation and Musical Terms

(a $80 value)

What you'll get:

A quick bullet point cheat sheet of basic musical terms so you are no longer lost in a voice session or lesson.   This will give you confidence when going through the course and also communicating with your fellow singers.

A brief explanation of beginning notation with visuals of where notes are on the keyboard or piano. If you are new to sight-reading, this is your introduction!  Not only will it aide you in sitting at the piano while doing your warm-ups, but it will help relate better to sheet music. For example, being able to pick the best keys for your songs!

bonus 2

Vocal Routine Templates

I will give you a sample worksheet pdf where you can fill in your unique routine.  I will even give you my own routine that you can use as an example.  

I've been using vocal exercises for over 20 years and they have changed and grown according to what gig I am doing, where I feel weak, and where I want to improve.  So I will also include a few of my routines from previous years  to show how they can be tweaked and personalized.

As another useful tool I'll include here are the different routines that I've given some of my private students.  You will see through a teacher's eyes why I've given different exercises to my belters vs. my classical sopranos.

(a $80 value)


Plus These Bonuses To Help Give you that Extra Umph You Need to Accomplish Your Musical Goals !

When you add it all up,that's a real-world

value of over $500

But because helping others find freedom and confidence in their voice is my PASSION, I excited to welcome you to my studio in this way.  I'm offering you access to all of this for TODAY at the special price of...

3 monthly payments of


one-time payment of


Choose an option above to be taken directly to the secure course payment page.

Plus you'll be backed by a

risk-free 21-day guarantee

Let me say this upfront...

Master your Natural Voice  is one of the most comprehensive step-by-step implementation programs for singers who are excited to reach new confidence levels with their vocals and committed to creating a path to help themselves master their instrument.

This course will be filled with supportive and motivated singers who want the same thing you do.  When you join, you will be a part of this special group.

So here's the deal...


By the end of the 21 days you will have received access to the Notation Cheat Sheet Bonus, and the first 3 modules.

Meaning you will have the basic knowledge you need to start to make some changes in your vocal routine as well as identify some of the issues that need attention BEFORE you make your final commitment.

If you don't feel totally confident that you will be able to find some areas to make changes in and haven’t already seen some improvements, simply reach out, show me you have put in the work, and I’ll refund your investment.

Full details here 


Enroll in Master Your Natural Voice Today!

3 monthly payments of

one-time payment of


Choose an option above to be taken directly to the secure course payment page.

I personally cannot wait to guide you over the upcoming 13 weeks ...

Studying voice and cultivating my craft has changed and determined the course of my life.

I've experienced first hand all of the frustrations that come with growing your voice.  Going from timid and unconfident to being secure in my own sound enough to take my vocal career into my own hands.  I've seen this in my students as well!

More than anything else, I want to share this with you today.  It is my passion.

If you are a stage performer, studio singer, streaming artist, budding star... a singer at any level, you owe it to yourself to at least take a risk-free plunge to see what your life as a confident, developing musician looks  like.

To experience firsthand the control, stamina, and freedom it could provide - and to take real artistic and musical steps towards touching others everywhere with the gift of YOUR song.

My hope is that you accept my invitation and commit to seeing how this program could change your voice, your performance, and maybe even your life's path ... along with the live's of others when you share your music!

I look forward to hearing you and meeting you personally inside the Master Your Natural Voice program.

All my best,

Karen W. Schnurr

Still thinking about it?

You should give Master Your Natural Voice a free 21-day risk free shot if you feel motivated by any of the following...

You are a busy person and you don't necessarily have the time to invest in weekly private lessons just yet, but you are ready to invest in your voice and your career! You understand that when it comes to digital courses the barriers to entry are low - but the barriers to success are high.

That doesn't scare lights you up!!


You are tired of just saying, "I really should take voice lessons, but I just can't right now." You are ready to put in the work needed to learn to Master Your Natural Voice and then as you start booking those gigs and making progress, you'll have more to then invest at the next level by taking privately. 


You know that this program will really give you the serious push to get started!


I've been there!  I feel like even now, between my studio, gigs, family, carline... Its hard to find the time to take on something new or really hunker down and work on my craft. But somehow I do.  You will find that in this course you will be able to apply what you're learning in many ways and build - step by step, lesson by lesson - a routine complete with quick tips and tricks that will fit into your busy life!  You are tired of waiting for the perfect time to better your voice and with this program you don't have to!

You've needed something to  give you that kick in the pants...

...ready to put in the work it takes to see real results and not just blindly google warm-ups.

You have a voice!  You love to perform, but you know there is more to it!  You are ready to feel in control of your voice!  I have worked with so many singers who have felt that same thing and now they are building a career as a pro-level singer! 


Now is the time to jump in and build your talent and skill. 


You are tired of feeling fatigued after you sing.  You are ready to understand your voice, it's limits, and then how to expand those limits!  I've helped many singers reach this potential using these tools.  And until you are able to make one-on-one lessons a part of your regular routine, this program along with the work you commit to doing will bring that change you've been needing to push you to that next level!

You are ready to feel confident!  You see others perform and wonder what it is that makes them exude that confidence!  If I had a bottle of it, I'd offer it! 


I've been in your shoes and I know what it takes to go from timid to confident.  Some performers are just really good at hiding their insecurities, but all artists have their vulnerable spots!  From many years of experience as a singer on stage and in the studio, I know that one of the things that has helped me gain that inner strength is working on my voice to the point where I really KNOW my voice.  I have found, and seen in my students, that the more discipline you add to your routine in doing exercises and warm-ups regularly and knowingly, you really come to know YOUR instrument.  And then...


...BOOM, you turn around and are naturally more confident because you feel like you have mastered your voice!  This is why you would be motivated to learning how to grow and expand your voice through this program.

I want to feel in control of my voice and am ready to put myself out there!

I want to feel confident with expanded range and skill.


Enroll in Master Your Natural Voice Today!

3 monthly payments of

one-time payment of


Choose an option above to be taken directly to the secure course payment page.

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