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60 min lesson $75

This option is good for intermediate or advanced singers.  Also recommended for singers at any level who are preparing for an audition or a performance.  Includes thorough pedagogical analysis and work-out as well as plenty of time to work the rep.  If there is any interest in basic theory or sight-singing, this is also the best option.

Vocal Workshop/

Rate varies depending on the need of the organization or group and the time that would take.  The workshop can look as simple as a group voice lesson with added instruction or it can be as full as to include vocal health/anatomy or specific sessions on group singing and harmonies.  Please do inquire and we can chat about a more specific customization!

30 min lesson $50

This option is good for young students or those new to voice study.  Also good for a quick brush up before a performance or an audition. Student can expect to get a good warm up / vocalize and a quick run through of rep with notes to work on.

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