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Live Free Masterclass for vocalists

Change your Breath,

Change your Voice

How to get a free yet strong breath that will add control to your voice and your high notes; getting rid of any bad habits or misconceptions that have prevented you from sounding and feeling effortless!

In this Masterclass you'll learn:


A fun and effective exercise with which to measure your breathing today and in the future that can help you maintain a solid foundation


What about your breathing that has been holding you back from singing with full confidence and freedom


What your breathing should look like to give you consistency in your vocals so that no matter what the circumstance, you can approach your performance cool, calm, and collected.


One of the BIGGEST misconceptions that singers face when it comes to breathing and how to train your brain how to think of a BETTER breathe...causing you to say goodbye to tightness, fatigue, and feeling like you never having enough air!


Whether you've been stuck in the wings waiting for the 'right' time to start bettering your voice, or struggling on your own with warm-ups without seeing the results you crave...this could be a turning point for you!

The key to a confident voice for MANY and their foundation... their breath.

You have a voice!  You love to perform, but you know there is more to it!  There is room for you on the stage and behind the mic! Now is the time to jump in! 


Join me to kickstart your path to a more confident voice and a more sure performance!

Changing SIMPLE things about the way your breath to sing can make a BIG impact in your confidence!
Stage in Lights

This Masterclass is a must attend if...

You love to sing!  But haven't had any formal training. You are ready to feel confident.  Your voice starts with a breath, so that's a good place for you to start too!

You are ready to stream your song live, record that album, or audition for that show but you know you need to strengthen your voice and build up some skill before doing so.  This will be your kickstart to get you to the next level!!

You are a working singer who needs a refresher on breathing!  You may have developed some bad habits on the gig and just need a good redirect!

Heading 5
A personal invitation from Karen...
Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 9.01.44 AM.png

I've been a professional singer/performer for over 30 years and have always taught alongside my performing!  I definitely have a dual passion!

If this singing, performing, songwriting, and any form of using your voice to tell a story is your passion as well I can't wait to help you get unstuck...motivated...more confident! Join me!

After 100+ film and tv soundtracks, over 200 students, and 30 years of teaching and singing combined I have experienced and discovered a lot within the world of Vocal Pedagogy.  I bring to the table a wealth of knowledge and skill straight from the world of a working professional.  I continue to learn for my students and myself that training is what gives you tenacity, flexibility, versatility, and longevity...not to mention confidence!  The kind of confidence that comes from fully knowing your instrument!

This masterclass is meant to share some of that experience and knowledge with you!  There are times when all I need to relieve tension on a session or avoid vocal fatigue on a  Sunday with 5 services is to recenter my breath.  Breath is KEY to singing.  You've probably heard that before, but this masterclass can help you really experience it!

Karen W. Schnurr

See you there!

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