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KWS Vocal Studio, where you can find online voice lessons, vocal warm ups, and a digital course to help you sing better, expand your range, and gain confidence as a singer. Voice Lessons and training for kids, adults, and professionals.

I help experienced singers master their vocal technique

so they can...




Before studying with me, many of my clients were frustrated with
  • A big vocal break

  • No control over high notes

  • Underdeveloped or undiscovered mixed voice

  • Feeling pain, fatigue, or strain with singing

  • Random, ineffective online vocal exercises

  • Loss of confidence or identity

Some of my clients include...
  • Worship Leaders needing to build stamina

  • Musical Theater Performers needing to gain confidence

  • Artists and Songwriters wanting clarity on their voice and more control in the studio

  • Trained singers needing vocal diversity

  • Even a few younger singers with clear musical aspirations

Having had 20+ years as a pro session singer...I get it.  I've probably been there.

Learn from one of L.A.'s top performers how to:

  • Expand your range

  • Smooth out your break

  • Support with strength 

  • Solidify your technique

  • Perform with ease

"I was able to identify what my voice was not what I was trying to fit it into!  Learning how to sing with a consistent healthy technique throughout different styles has been a huge game changer for me."
- Brittany D.

Better your performance in 3 steps:

Book a lesson or a free complimentary consult so we can identify where your voice and technique is strong then what needs work and development.




Work together with me to create new vocal habits through individualized exercises and rep; gain vocal strength, control, and range...  and unlock hidden abilities you never knew you had.



Sing with the control that comes from knowledge. Perform with the confidence that comes from sharpened skills. Share your song as you continue to explore and grow your voice doing what you've always dreamed with your vocals


There are 4 ways you can start working with me and start singing with more confidence today!
Here is one of KWS Vocal Studio's in person voice students getting ready for an audition and a vocal showcase.  Her singing has improved so much in less than a year!


Private Voice Lessons

On-on-one lessons are the best way to get the quickest  results with regular, immediate, and personalized direction and feedback from Karen as you identify what to work on to make your vocal technique strong, free, and reliable for any style.


On Demand Course

Feeling motivated but don't have time or space for private lessons? The Master Your Natural Voice course takes you through 6 implementation modules that walk you through how the voice works, helps you identify where you need work and which exercises can help! It explains the how, when, and most importantly WHY we do certain vocal exercises... giving you the knowledge, the tips and tricks you need to coach yourself and maybe even other. All at your own pace!

KWS Vocal Studio offers an affordable set of vocal warm ups that are specific to your voice part, that include detailed instruction throughout, and are customizeable to your unique singing voice.


Warm-Up MP3s

Every level of musician needs a good set of warm-ups!  These warm-ups are much, much more than what you find doing a general search online. They are specific, adjustable, part-specific, and come with optional thorough direction from me. They can be a way to dust off your vocal cobwebs or they can absolutely supplement your private lessons and/or my on demand course. 

This link will take you to a different site to purchase and download.

KWS Vocal Studio also offers Masterclasses for your musical team.  Your singers will have an opportunity to learn optimal vocal warm ups for their group and individual needs as well as learn as we share in a group critique of any volunteer singer that'd like to get some great vocal tips to use to improve even their next  performance.



Are you a leader or a part of a musical group or team?  Worship Team... Theater Troupe...Dance Studio? Consider a masterclass! It is a great way to begin your vocal journey or refresh a forgotten technique! In a positive, interactive team environment, learn how to become a better...stronger singer by learning more about your instrument, then participating in group critique.

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